Congratulations! We have all now completed a 3-day Evolution Fresh Juice Ritual! How do you feel? I feel fantastic! I am always so proud of myself for following through with each one AND my body feels so much lighter, healthier, and energized–it is impossible NOT to feel great. You should be so proud of yourself for doing something this good for your body! WAY TO GO!

Today was my best day yet, mostly because I had the day off and chose not to do much. Of course that means that on my next day off I will need to get more done but today I relished in relaxation. Ironically, I watched a few food documentaries…some made me hungry. Others, not so much. If you haven’t seen any food documentaries, I really encourage you to do so. It gives SO much more meaning to why we just did what we did and why I choose to have a primarily plant-based diet. Check out the list I’ve created under My Favorite Food & Juice Documentaries to get started.

After sleeping in and then watching a few food documentaries (enjoying my juices and tea the whole time), I chose to go for a short run in the beautiful, crisp sunny weather. It was fabulous and felt great. Once I got home I realized I had locked myself out of the house…so I sat on my deck, as bundled as possible, and sipped on a Vital Greens until someone came home to let me in. I was pretty cold but was super grateful to have some nourishment right after my run.

After a good stretch and shower, I decided to make my almond milk after having soaked the almonds all afternoon. I must have done something horribly wrong because it did not turn out the way I had made it before. I drank some but then decided to save the rest in the fridge for later. Maybe my taste buds are just not ready for it yet today. After consuming so many vegetables and fruits in the juices for 3 days, there’s always a chance my body just won’t respond the same way to things I’ve eaten before. I have already noticed a shift in my cravings. Instead of craving salty, carb heavy foods (Day 2), I’ve been craving a fresh vegetable stir fry and a crisp kale salad. I already have both on the menu for tomorrow.kale salad

How was your day 3? How do you feel now that it is almost over? Could you/do you want to do more days? What are you planning on eating tomorrow? Remember to re-enter your diet slowly. Going straight to processed foods, meat, and dairy will negatively impact the deep cleaning we have just done to our insides. Choose fruits, vegetables, and grains tomorrow to keep up the state of your digestive system just a bit longer!


One response to “Day 3: JUICE RITUAL COMPLETE!

  1. Im so proud of myself that I completed all three days! I feel great, no more headaches, and more energy. One major plus to this was I detoxed myself from caffeine which I was very addicted to! You are right about not craving as much junk food anymore because I am craving healthier foods (one thing I am craving is avocado for some reason!) Im glad I completed three days but I don’t think I could do more than that because I am hungry! My first meal will probably be a banana, scrambled eggs and orange juice…yum!

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